Friday, 21 January 2011

Friday Club - Quick Tips Home Carnival :)

The Friday Club

I wasn’t very sure about entering this week’s Friday Club Carnival..... when it comes to cleaning/organising things certain things in my house I have very specific methods for doing them (to the point that I will only do the washing up in a certain order and no one is allowed to use my special stash of pens as I hate it when they disappear!!). But I thought I ought to air one of my organisational here goes!!

Post is a big bug bear of mine. Not in the sense that I hate GETTING post......nothing could be further from the truth, I LOVE getting letters and parcels!!! I just hate piles of letters/junk mail/catalogues clogging up desk space or dresser space so here’s what happens as soon as stuff comes through the door. It gets dealt with like this :

Bills – scrutinised, shouted about, paid, put in red “Bills” in the kitchen.

Important official letters – read very very carefully, any requests dealt with immediately , kept in red “important stuff” box in the kitchen.

Letters from friends or family – read with tea/coffee in hand, put in drawers above desk to be replied to at soonest opportunity.

Catalogues – plastic wrapper removed, put in plastic bag recycling thingy, if wanted put in magazine file, if not wanted put in paper recycling.

Parcels – opened, looked at, wrapping either put in box for reuse or in recycle bin

Junk Mail - gets immediately put into the paper recycling bin or given to my toddler to draw on if there are blank backs on the envelopes/letters.

I would go on and bore you with what I do to sort laundry but I think my mail obsessions are enough to send even the most hardened neat freak snoring in their "de-clutter your home" books.......he he J

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  1. Am trying to get into habit of dealing with the post when it arrives. Today I found post in three places around the house, it has to stop!

  2. I have to deal with my post as it arrives otherwise it gets forgotten about and lost under a pile of randomness

  3. The amount of post and junk we get is awful some days! I've started using envelopes to send stuff back to school in, that way it goes back out of the house pretty much as soon as it arrives, that's the best use of most of the post we get!

    Thanks for taking part in the carnival x

  4. Nice one. I hate opening post but am trying to stay on top of it and deal with it as soon as it arrives, ood top tips!

  5. I just have a pile on the shelf and every now and again I get round sorting it out lol


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