Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Today I have been helping out a lovely friend of mine by shop sitting for him and putting all his receipts/travel tickets etc into some semblance of an order. This has involved a lot of coffee, swearing and spreadsheets.....plus a few moments eating left over pie for lunch....nom.

I really love helping folks out where I can, sometimes I have the right skills to help specifically or other times it's more of a general dogsbody kind of affair. I've never minded that at all. What with not having a proper job yet (boo!) I'm free to give my time to whoever needs it. I guess I like the randomness of not knowing quite what I'll be doing from one day to the next at the moment.

Sure, I'd like a job with a bit of security and that kind of thing but I'm starting to consider setting something up myself or working freelance for other folks doing this and that....who knows, if this whole job hunt thing doesn't come to fruition soon I think it'll be the way forward.

In other news, I met this little guy today........

I'm not entirely sure if I love him or hate him.....either way a big part of me would like him to come home and live with  me....I'd knit him a little hat and scarf and he could live on my desk! :)

I promise there'll be more blog posts coming up soon, including new Doodler's Corner ones! Life may be random and busy but I'm determined to get back on top of this blogging horse thingy! :)

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