Wednesday, 2 January 2013

A belated Happy New Year!

Hey hey! 2013 is here in all its newness, full of hope and ambition for more happy and fulfilling experiences!

December was a very quiet time on this little blog of mine due to my search for full time employment taking over my every waking minute. Thankfully I am happy to report that I HAVE A JOB!! Not just any job either, I'm working for a training company based in the community centre that I did my two months work experience in. It's so wonderful to have landed on my feet at a place where I feel so at home, where all my workmates are lovely and I'm excited about the future. I guess sometimes life just takes a while to catch up with you and to finally right itself. 

I have been thinking a lot about the past 12 months, all the ups and downs I've had, the good times and the not so great ones......all in all it wasn't the best of years but it certainly wasn't the worst either. Life really does seem to be on the up and up (not to jinx it or anything!) and I'm feeling happier and more confident than I have done in years. I'm really looking forward to seeing what this new year can bring my way and what I can do to make other people's year that little bit nicer :)

So, some plans for this here blog of mine in 2013 are :

  • get Doodler's Corner up and running in a much more organised format
  • post a minimum of 3 new posts a week
  • some guest posts from people I think are super interesting and fun!
  • more crafty things - I make stuff all the time and forget to share it on here....daft really
  • more photography - I have given myself a theme for a photography post for each month of this year so keep an eye out for that :)
  • more music! I'm planning on doing another Musical Alphabet but perhaps this time I'll do one for each genre of music I really love....or something along those lines, I've not entirely figured that bit out yet!
  • a whole bunch of other random things/ideas/thoughts, if you've read this blog for a while now you'll know it's a bit erratic to say the least!
I also want to say thank you to all those people who do stop by my blog on a regular basis and also those who may have come across it recently, it makes me so happy to know that someone out there is having a look at my ramblings!! Much love and hugs to you all and I hope you have an amazing year this year! :)

Just for a giggle here's a couple of pictures of me from New Years Eve.....the first is when I'd first got out and the second is after a good few hours of partying and borrowing a lovely lady's glasses :) Tee Hee!!!



  1. Happy New Year! well done on your job. I had a cuppa in the Community Centre cafe a couple of weeks ago, I didn't know about the centre before - what a great place. Your blog is looking fab - and I look forward to your 2013 posts, I like your resolutions :) xx


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