Friday, 22 February 2013


It's been a while since I put up a post about some of the wonderful stuff that has arrived in my life either by post, via charity shop or from lovely here goes!

May have to admit to a slight addiction to this stuff at the moment.....not entirely sure why as they're not the most inspiring food stuff on their own but when you dunk them in hoummous or salsa or summat like that they're pretty darned tasty......*rumbly tum*

These super cute wooden birdie earrings were part of a surprise from the wonderful Lady Muck of Whitstable! The other part is an amazing wooden squirrel brooch which is currently adorning my spring coat and making it even more springy!

My current favourite lipstick is called Shanghai Express by NARS (was an ebay bargain!). It's a really dark red with a brownish tinge, maybe doesn't sound too nice but it looks great on! It's also very matte which I like as I'm not a fan of shiny shiny lipsticks.......

I found this magazine, Cabinet, in the Oxfam shop in Exeter the other day. It's a really interesting read, with all kinds of everything in it. Am going to try and track down some more past issues and have a good rummage through their finding new things to read :)

Zines!!!! Oh how I love zines.......
I am now lucky enough to own Nosorog by the outstandingly talented Daria Hlazatova, issue 6 of Twigs and Apples (which was another great find from No Guts No Glory) and the utterly awesome "The Realities of Being Awkward" by Becka Moor

More lovely reading material arrived on my doormat the other day.... the latest issue of
I am so glad I took out a subscription to this as it's fast becoming 
one of my favourite "tea and biscuit" reads.

There's also been a few interesting vintage finds......

But I think by far my favourite thing to arrive recently is this lovely print I got from Shipshape Studio. It's by Nan Lawson and makes me smile every time I see it......

Hope you're all set to have a wonderful weekend, don't forget your hats and gloves! Big hugs and love from me x


  1. You have an eye for lovely things!I'd love to have the courage to wear that rich lipstick colour.


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