Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Doodler's Corner - Chloe Harris

Some people are so talented it leaves you speechless.
Completely stunned.
Chloe Harris is one of those people.
Her work is incredible, detailed and utterly mesmerising and I'm so so happy to be able to share it here in Doodler's Corner!! 

Say hello to Chloe and her beautiful work......

Who are you, where do you come from and what do you do?

I’m Chloe Harris, currently living in Sydney, Australia and I’m in my second year of uni at the National Art School.

Who/what influences what you create?

A lot of things influence my art work, vintage children’s books that I find in second hand shops, Children’s book illustrators such as Jill Barklem and Joan Walsh and quaint, serene images I stumble apon on flickr. Everyday things in life also influence me such as the pathway of trees I walk through in Hyde Park, tucked away alleyways and the beach down the end of my street, so a variety of things!

How do you decide on a subject for a piece of work?

I usually have set in my mind the basic setting for the illustration whether it be in the forest, by the water, city or some mystical land. I then search through books and the Internet for lots reference pictures that really resonate with me and then create my final composition taking inspiration and elements from the images I collected.  

What's been the most exciting thing that's happened in your career so far?

Well I’ve only recently started illustrating, so I’d have to say getting accepted into art school has been the most exciting thing as it’s been so beneficial in helping me develop my own style, as well as exposing me to a range of different art practices.

What made you choose art as an outlet for your creativity?

I don’t really know what made me choose art to express my creativity; I guess I’ve always just been drawn to it and had a real love for turning my thoughts into pictures. I’ve never been too good with words and was painfully shy as a child, so for me art was the best way I knew to express myself, and still is. My Mum and Grandmother also have a love for creating art so creativity through art runs through my family!

If you weren't an artist what job would you love to do?

Mm, I love helping and looking after people so maybe a nanny, preschool teacher or elderly carer of some sort, I’d also be interested in a career in something to do with psychology possibly!

Who would play you in a film about your life?

Ah I don’t know!! I’d like to say Jennifer Lawrence because were similar ages and she’s a great actress with such a quirky sense of humour, that would be pretty amazing!  

Whose work do you admire and want to adorn your walls?

Del Kathryn Barton definitely! Her work is so inspiring and so beautifully intricate. I love how hauntingly beautiful her works are, and how easily to can find yourself lost in the fanatic detail and otherworldly, alienesque figures.  

What’s the best thing about doing what you do?

I think knowing that if I continue to draw, improve and work really hard It will hopefully lead to a great career in illustration, meaning that I’ll get to do what I love every single day and make a living from it! 

What does the future hold for your work?

I’m hoping it will include a bright future in Illustration, lots and lots of traveling, and a family when I finally get tired of exploring the globe!

If you'd like to see more of Chloe's astounding work you should check out her brilliant blog :

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