Wednesday, 15 May 2013

The Gallery - New

It's not all about being completely and utterly new you can be something that's just new to you :) 
Like my "new" sofa. I'd put up with a boxy, cardboardy, not-comfy-at-all Ikea sofa that cost me a tenner for about five years and decided it was time to look for something different. I really had my heart set on getting a green sofa.....a big squishy green sofa that I could put my cushion collection on.....
Little did I know I'd get what I think could be the bargain of the year! I put a bid on this sofa and big round footstool on eBay and really didn't think I'd get it. My budget was only up to £100 (not made of money!) and lo and behold I managed to get it for the amazing sum of £50.21!!!!
Best part of all was that the chap I bought it off had only had it for two years, hardly used it and paid £1000 for it!!!
A lovely friend helped me collect it and now it has pride of place in my front room.....and I've never sat so happily in all my life :) It's not brand new, I doubt I'll ever own a brand new sofa, but to me it's the best kind of new there is...


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  1. Its lovely but more than that I love your fox cushion x


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